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Awardco Final Recording



Rewards, Recognition and Leadership: Mastering Post-Covid Employee Engagement

We'll cover:

  • How proper recognition increases engagement
  • Different styles of recognition and rewards
  • How to implement reward policies across your organization

As we begin to return back to "normal" work, we're not returning to the same office environments we left. Even companies that were not forced to make layoffs and furloughs will have employees that are feeling unsure and insecure of their future and that of their company. A key tool that leaders can use to keep their employees engaged, focused, and motivated at this time is properly recognizing them, and providing rewards they actually want. In this 30min webinar we'll talk about the psychology of recognition and reward and how you can effectively and efficiently implement policies across your organization.

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Awardco is a rewards and recognition platform that has partnered with Amazon Business to bring millions of reward choices, zero product markups, and dollar-for-dollar recognition spend to organizations like JP Morgan Chase, Hertz, and Texas Roadhouse.

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For companies that want to maximize their employee engagement, increase retention, and foster performance through a culture of transformational learning, AceUp delivers personalized executive coaching to empower professionals to maximize their impact. AceUp’s coaching is enabled by technology and backed by data.